1. 10" Plant Stand and 10" Gray Pot Bundle

10" Plant Stand and 10" Gray Pot Bundle

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SMART GROW fabric grow bags are a must have for all your gardening needs. These heavy duty aeration pots are made of 300g thickened nonwoven fabric material which promote a healthier root system by stimulating air pruning of roots preventing root circling. The premium fabric also provides temperature control by allowing excess heat to escape from all sides of the bag preventing heat build up. Their great drainage reduce over watering by allowing the excess water to drain out instead of creating soggy soil. Use them anywhere you want whether in a tight indoor space or a large ample yard. In a greenhouse or a plant nursery. The reinforced handles allow you to move soil filled bags around to different locations or just move around for easy cleaning. When the season is over simply empty them out followed by a thorough clean and store them until it is time to use them again. They will last you for many years to come. SMART GROW fabric pots are ideal for growing many types of flowers, plants, herbs, vegetables and fruits.