1. 12 pk Long Lasting Zinc Labels for Gardens (Tree Tags)

12 pk Long Lasting Zinc Labels for Gardens (Tree Tags)

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We are a small family business offering gardening products and inspiration for the busy home gardener. Bert's Garden handpicked products (small, large and tree tag pictured above) Bert's Garden is a small family business under the umbrella of Trustworthy Merchants LLC with a desire to bring quality garden products to the home gardener. All of our products are handpicked by Bert, a former horticulture professor, landscape designer, and perennial nursery grower. These Zinc labels are definitely one of Bert's favorite products. They are long lasting and durable. The grease pencil writing will also resist the rain. They are also made right here in the USA. It can be so frustrating to start to plant something new, only to accidentally dig up some bulbs previously planted there, and forgotten about. Never forget where you planted those bulbs again! Why Zinc Labels? Zinc labels are durable and long lasting. Zinc naturally resists rusting. The stake is made of galvanized metal.Remember the names of your plantsRemember where your perennials and bulbs are planted even when they are out of season. small zinc labels medium zinc labels large zinc labels zinc tree tags size 2 1/2” x 7/8” Stake is 5 ½”. is 2 ¾” by 7/8”, stake is 10” 1 ¼” x 3 ½”, stake is 11 ½” 3” x 1 5/8”tag with wire best for: small or potted plants medium annuals and perennials larger perennials, and small shrubs large shrubs or small trees includes a grease pencil ? ? ? ? quantity per set 12 12 12 12 How to use Zinc labels Write on label Write name of plant and if this is a new plant you may want to write the date it was planted so that you can watch for growth. Both sides of the label can be written on if there isn't enough space for the name and the date. Assemble labels For large and small labels: slide the wire staple through the two sets of holes in the label and past the tilt. Place label Firmly press stake labels into the ground to desired depth. Twist wire of tree tags loosely onto a small branch in a viewable spot. Proudly made in the USA These zinc labels are made in the USA!