1. 13 Pieces Succulent Kit with Organizer Bag, Indoor Mini Hand Gardening Tool Set, Gardening Kit for Bonsai Planter. Succulent Gifts, Bonsai Starter Kit, Succulent Watering, Bonsai Tool Kit. (Green)

13 Pieces Succulent Kit with Organizer Bag, Indoor Mini Hand Gardening Tool Set, Gardening Kit for Bonsai Planter. Succulent Gifts, Bonsai Starter Kit, Succulent Watering, Bonsai Tool Kit. (Green)

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Succulent planters will definitely use some gardening tools in the process of maintaining succulents. Tools that are familiar to meat fans include watering cans, air blowers, brushes, tweezers, and cylindrical shovel. Yes, these gardening tools are very useful. Succulent planting tool set, including U-shaped scissors, air blower, cylindrical spatula, tweezers, spray bottle, drip bottle and other succulent planting tools. Small and exquisite appearance, soft material, smooth plastic. The bottle body of each drip tube and spray bottle has clearly visible scales. How to storage these more than a dozen kinds of such a small tools are very big headache, we don't want to look for them everywhere when we are ready to use them. The beautiful and practical tools tote perfectly solves this problem. There are more than 10 small pockets on the outside, and every small tool can be put in. The inside of the bag is large enough to hold some large size tools, such as a spray bottle. Preparing this Good Gain gardening tools set carrier in advance will surely make it easier and simpler for you to maintain succulents, and enjoy more planting fun. Package includes: 1 x Succulent Tools Bag 3 xSucculent planting kit (shovel rake spade) 2 x Transplanting tool 1 x Watering bottle(250ml) 1 x Cleaning brush 1 x Air dust blower 1 x bucket shovel 1 x U shape Scissors 2 x Tweezers 1 x Pail shovel 250ml Squeeze elbow kettle easy to control the amount of watering, When succulent planters use the squeeze elbow kettle, it is best to follow the edge of the pot. Pail shovel a container for transporting granular soil and peat soil. Air dust blower It is very difficult to clean the dust and debris in the leaf cores or on the leaves. You will hurt the plants if you are not very careful, air blowing can solve this problem . Cleaning brush Succulents placed indoors or on the balcony for a long time are easy to be covered with dust, you can clean it regularly with a small brush Tweezers Tweezers are mainly used to clean the dead leaves at the bottom of succulents and arrange the roots of plants Transplanting tool The succulents that have been planted for one or more years need to be replaced with pots and soil, and the Transplanting tool can be easily do it. Bucket shovel When the succulents are set, the surface of the pot still needs to be decorated with small stones. At this time, only a bucket shovel can finish this job between the small pots and plants. Succulent planting kit Made of wood and iron, wooden handle is convenient for gardening, iron heads provide the shovel rake spade good using sense after using for many times How to plan the succulent The succulent varieties are diverse and have different shapes. The planting is very simple. They don't need too much care, have very few diseases and insect pests, and even watering only takes 1 week or more. It is very suitable for lazy people to plant. However, this does not mean that anyone can plant it well. 1. Take the succulents home. If you don’t change the pots, then it is recommended to put them on the balcony or window sill (there should be glass separated, not directly in the sun. If it is summer or early autumn, it is recommended to shade the freshly bought succulents, such as above. Cover with a screen cloth or a layer of napkin or a foam net covered with apples, and then slowly increase the light,) 2.Wait at least a week before watering. The water should be poured to the bottom and the water will flow out (the first time can also be less watered, and water along one edge until the water flows out). Watering the pot when the soil is almost dry. If you can’t grasp the watering time, here is a simple way. You can insert a toothpick in the pot and take it out after about a week. If the toothpick is completely dry , There is almost no watermark, it can be watered, if the toothpick is still relatively moist, it is not necessary. 3.It is best to ensure at least 2 hours of sunlight a day. Of course, full sunlight is the best. Succulents under 2 hours of light must be raised and deformed (except for a few species). This environment is not recommended. About 5 hours is up to the standard light, and most varieties of succulents can grow good shapes. 4. Choosing planting soil is very important. If you want to replace succulents, then it is recommended that you do not use the soil in the back garden, and it is recommended to spend some money to buy special succulent planting soil. 5. Choosing the pot is also very important. The variety of the pot depends on your preference, but the size should be appropriate. In principle, the diameter of the pot is about 2-3 cm larger than the diameter of the flesh. For tree-like flesh, the diameter of the pot should be larger than the diameter of the rhizome. 6 cm will do. The bottom of the basin is best to be laid with large-grained stones or foam boards, torn into small pieces and put in. If the basin hole is large, if