1. 2-Way Humidity Regulator Packs, 62% RH, 8 Gram, 10 Pack, Resealable

2-Way Humidity Regulator Packs, 62% RH, 8 Gram, 10 Pack, Resealable

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Product Features? ZUUT Humidity Packs is the only technology that can maintain relative humidity at 62% by adding or removing moisture as necessary while also preserving flavor and retaining aroma. ? ZUUT Humidity packs are essential, as too much moisture will lead to mold growth and therefore presents health risks. Too little moisture will reduce potency, flavor, and aroma. ZUUT Humidity Packs are pre-formulated to keep relative humidity at 62%, +/-2%. This humidity level has been proven to be the perfect humidity to keep material fresh and potent for any length of time. Perfect for commercial curing or personal use.? ZUUT?s reverse-osmosis membrane releases pure water vapor and will never contaminate anything through direct or indirect contact. How To? Simply throw a ZUUT Humidity Pack in an airtight container and the relative humidity will be controlled at 62%. Follow the time table on the back of the package to know when to replace the pack. No more worrying about mold growth, no more worrying about dried out product. *WARNING: do not cut or tear individual packs*WARNING: do not use two packs together as they will compete and not regulate correctly