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5 Pack - Multi Color Toy Phone for Kids / Dummy Cell Phone for Kids

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5 Pack Dummy Phones / Toy Phones for Kids
Don't let your child play with your new smartphone. Let them express their curiosity with these dummy phones.
Dummy model / NON-WORKING phone for use as a toy or display purposes. Scaled to actual size and weight - looks and feels like the real thing!
Part Number: Dummy kit 18
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Feature: 01/013/2019 11:00:00
Feature: 02/12/2020 11:00:00
Perfect Gift For Grandchildren, Nieces and Nephews or Your Own Kids:

Kids love playing with cell phones from the youngest age. In order to protect your expensive cell phones from sticky fingers, it’s a good idea to have a decoy handy. Kids from 1 year old and up will enjoy using these fake cell phones for pretend play and imaginary games. Perfect gift for toddlers, grandchildren and your darling little nieces and nephews who want to destroy your expensive iPhone.

Great for Productions, Music Videos and Props:

If you run a theater or drama class these cell phones are very useful as props in your performances and rehearsals. They look and feel like genuine cell phones and will look very realistic in shows or video productions.

Decoy Phones Useful for College Students or When Traveling :

Leave one of these dummy phones in your dorm room and carry another fake one in your pocket in case someone ever decides to steal your stuff. The thief will get away with a replica phone while your expensive model remains safe and sound deep inside your backpack. These plastic devices should be used when traveling in crowded places. On a busy train you might get pick-pocketed without you even noticing, so make sure to stow your real phone somewhere safe and keep the fake phone in plain site.

Used by Therapists, Social Workers and Family Services

Social and Family services find these toys keep kids entertained and distracted. Therapists use these cell phones for play therapy. Additionally, this pack of 5 old fake phones is great for a playgroup or daycare center with lots of little tots.

No Electronics, No Batteries, No Sound or lights.

Pressable Buttons

Glass Screen with Picture in Background

Pack of 5

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