1. 52FT Outdoor String Lights SUPERDANNY Commercial Grade UL Listed Edison Vintage Bulbs with Zip Ties for Patio Porch Garden Backyard Cafe Wedding Party - 24 Hanging Sockets 30 Bulbs (6 for Spare)

52FT Outdoor String Lights SUPERDANNY Commercial Grade UL Listed Edison Vintage Bulbs with Zip Ties for Patio Porch Garden Backyard Cafe Wedding Party - 24 Hanging Sockets 30 Bulbs (6 for Spare)

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LIMITED TIME DEAL Incandescent 52ft Outdoor String Lighting Unbreakable LED Outdoor Light Differences LED Glass Bulb Incendescent Glass Bulb LED Shatterproof Bulb Cable Color Green Black Black Length 52ft 52ft 52ft Bule material Glass Glass Super Clear Plastic UL Listed or not ? ? ? Well first, I’d like to have a self-introduction so that you can know more about me. My name is BEAUTY SUPERDANNY. I'm an outdoor string light, I was born to help people discover more beauty of their daily life. My mom SUPERDANNY promised to offer a 12-Month Full After-Sales Service, during these 12 months, if I get any problem, please do not hesitate to let us know and get the happy solution. But I am very confident that I will never leave you easily since my mom did build an excellent body for me. VINTAGE INCANDESCENT LIGHT BULB (CLEAR) Voltage:110-125V Wattage: 11W Light bulb: S14 Socket Type: E26 Color Temperature:2700K Rated Average Life: 15000h Why choose me as your lovely string lights for decoration? My mom has high requirements for me. Check carefully on Amazon, you will find I have better quality compared to other similar products. As you can see in the picture. My mom spent a lot more time to refine me to be the best patio lights string outdoor (or indoor). Since I have a broad range of uses, I could create a pleasant ambient light for all kinds of scenarios in life! String light length: 52ft Socket Quantity: 24 Bulb Quantity: 30 bulbs ( 6 for backup ) Hook & loop fasteners: 30pcs (So that you can install conveniently) The distance between two bulbs: 2ft The length from front plug to the first bulb: 3.5ft. Length from tail plug to the last bulb:1.5ft. End to end plug number: 3 She cares about every details of me Look inside the socket, you can see the bright gold yellow there. Mom built me with the pure copper, "Fast conduction rate, Low heat generation, so you will live long and strong, my honey, I wish you a safe life." She said to me. I have a pure copper cord For my safety, mom really did a lot. My cable cord was also made with pure copper to ensure the good conductivity. My life-saving treasure One day, my mom put a 5 amps fuse in my hand and said: "Keep it, it will save you if you suffer a high current accident, I hope you will live a long life, sweet-heart." (Fuses size: 3.6x10mm 5Amps) I passed! In order to get a full confirm of my safety, my mom took me to take a UL test, I passed and got the certificate!! Thanks for giving me confidence, mom. lol And I love you mom, you are the greatest mom in the world! Mom’s little gift for parents in law I found myself have holes on each of my sockets when I born, and my mom gave me 30 pcs zip ties and said: "Give them to your parents in law as a first meet present." I think she wants me to have a good relationship with you, that’s what parent always wish daughter happy. Thanks mom born me this way If you bring me home, you can find me with a 2ft distance between each bulb, "Closer than others, it gives the perfect lights ambiance. It means there is plenty of lights. I tested." She said. " Plus the length from front plug to the first bulb is 3.5 feet, much longer than others so that your parents in law can use it more conveniently, Enjoy life with them, don't screw it, I sacrifice a lot to prepare for you, my girl." said mom. Brilliant yellow lights My mom taught me how to provide ample light. I do it! As you can see in the images or the video in this introduction (/advertising) page. Very splendid, romantic and charming. Happy to beautify many places. I love to stay in many places to make them as beautiful and sweet as myself! Like your backyard, patio, wedding, cocktail party, birthday party, barbecue, bistro, cafe, terrace, gazebo, contemporary chalet lights, outdoor and indoor parties, receptions, porch, Christmas tree, balcony garden, and any nightly party celebration and wherever as you like! Keep a healthy body My mom and I always go to bodybuilding, so I got a very good body. Mom said I should keep strong and become weatherproof outdoor string lights that away from sickness since I love to stay outside no matter there is a cool rainy, hot sunny or cold snowy day. Do you think it wonderful to play outdoor? If yes, please come and play with me! if not, I love to stay inside with you at home too! I have my own emotions Like you all, I have my own mood. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad. If you are feeling sad, dimming me dark; if you are happy, make me bright. So that I can better accompany you. But my mom said that my job is to bring you happiness, and she gifted me with a perfect brightness, so she didn’t offer a dimmer. In Your Patio I promised my mom, I'll try my best to bring you a splendid patio. I'll add an whole new level of excitement and beauty to your yard. You can relax there with a cup of coffee, or with two or three confidants to talk freely there. Enjoy the comfort of life. You deserve it for your hard work! When a