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A couple of apps for couples

Posted by Sam Weiss on 8/15/2013
For couples? There’s an app for that Are you in a relationship? …Or about to start one? Did you know that there are apps for couples? Of course, there will always be an app for everything. There are applications to help keep your relationship fun and lasting, like private messaging, fun games, calendar to keep important dates and tips. RelationTips The application provides you great ideas and suggestions. These suggestions are divided into three, Dates, Words and Actions. Dates gives you ideas for things to do together, Words helps you communicate better and Actions gives you things to do to show how you care. You can also keep important dates, add your own ideas and track favorite things for each defined relationship. Feel Me This is kind of perfect for distant relationships. This is what it does, when you touch your phone’s screen, a dot appears on the screen of the person you are communicating with. And when the other person touches the dot, a visual cue, along with a sound or vibration lets you know you’re “touching” each other. Theicebreak -Aims to help couples increase understanding, excitement and connection. Answer fun and engaging questions and send moments from the day to each other and create charts to show the state of the relationship over time. Kindu No need to be embarrassed or hesitant anymore, Kindu will help reveal each other’s fantasies. By simply rating an idea (kindu has over 800 intimate ideas) with “definitely”, “no thanks” or “maybe-open to discussion”, Kindu will then cross-match your responses and lists the ideas you both rated as “It’s a Match” or “Maybe: Open to Discussion”. With this you no one will have to be offended or feel awkward. Couple Features a private timeline to build a shared history, real-time messaging and video sharing, voice messages and photo filters, express your mood with emoticons, send secrets (photos that disappear after a fixed time), ThumbKiss™, sketch together in real-time (draw pictures simultaneously or play games), share-to do lists, calendar reminders and share you location instantly. Love Dare -Based on the book, Love Dare, which uses Christian principles to encourage couples to work on their relationships. Covers topics from trust to patience, and tips for common relationship issues. Also available for non-Christian couples to use the 40 dares an eBook and a daily reminder. Between Gives you a space where you can share all your favorite moments together with your partner. Also features free chat and talk, share photos to create a timeline, check and plan special days and set reminders for them. Sources: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/relationtips/id306421823?mt=8 http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57427125-1/sweet-simple-texting-app-lets-you-reach-out-and-touch-someone/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tenthbit.juliet&hl=en http://theicebreak.com/about https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kr.co.vcnc.android.couple http://www.kindu.us/

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