1. AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE Purple Fountain Grass Live Plant, 3 Gallon, Indoor/Outdoor Air Purifier

AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE Purple Fountain Grass Live Plant, 3 Gallon, Indoor/Outdoor Air Purifier

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Purple Fountain Grass (Pennisetum setaceum 'Rubrum') is a fast growing clumping grass that will grow to 4' tall and 3' wide. Their long bushy blades emerge with a beautiful deep purple to burgundy hue that provides great texture and contrast to a landscape or indoor plant collection. They bloom with purplish red flowers in spring and attract birds, bees, and hummingbirds to the landscape. They are best used outside in warmer states that stay above 25 degrees in the winter. Indoors they make great potted plants and their stalks are often used for flower arranging and fall flower arrangements with other plants or container gardens. In pots they are drought tolerant and should be watered when the soil is 50% dry. They thrive as a bush, shrub, or houseplant in zones 8 to 11. They are wonderful attractant and cover for wildlife when planted in a garden and are even resistant to deer so they make a great low hedge or accent. Shipping and handling can be very tough on live plants so please be sure to open and check your plant right away. Our team waters each plant before they are shipped and wrapped so they may not need to be water right away. We are unable to ship this plant to California due to restrictions by the California Department of Agriculture. Please be aware that if your pet is a plant chewer this plant is not considered toxic to animals. There are no other authorized sellers of American Plant Exchange plants. Please ensure that you order and receive an American Plant Exchange plant shipped and sold by Amazon. American plant exchange is a 35-year-old Florida based family nursery that supports women in our community in a mutually beneficial work release skill development program.