1. Augshy 110 Pcs 4" Plastic Plants Nursery Pot,Seed Starting Pots

Augshy 110 Pcs 4" Plastic Plants Nursery Pot,Seed Starting Pots

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Added Drain Holes In view of the fact that the less drainage holes of seed starting pots in the market will cause root rot, we have improved the design and added drainage holes.The nursery pot bottom has 8 small Drain holes to keep soil drained and ventilated, washable and reusable.We are committed to providing customers with the best products and services, so that sellers can get to know us through products. Won't be Crushed Our nursery pots are made of high quality materials, they will not be crushed, so they can be used many times.They can also be used as transition pots.If "the same pots" you used before are fragile, please be careful that the quality of the seed starting pots you buy is very poor, and they are very likely to be made of recycled materials.But rest assured, our flowerpots are made entirely of new materials and can be used for a long time. Great for Nursery Plastic pots for plants, cuttings & seedlings, plant seed starting. Great for Doing lot of succulent propagation, great as plant transition pots.light weight, soft thin plastic.If you are a nursery enthusiast, please try to use our flowerpots. They will satisfy you.If you are a seedling seller, please try our seeding pots. They can provide you with the highest service and the lowest cost.