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B-Speech Bluetooth Speaker Car Visor Mount Kit (Black)

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B-Speech Caran Hands-free Bluetooth Speaker Car Visor Mount Kit with Rechargeable Batteries (Black)
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B-Speech Caran Handsfree Bluetooth Speaker Car Visor Mount Kit

Great piece of design! Bluetooth technology at its best with the 1.2 standard. This hands-free set not only offers an eye-catching design, it combines form and function. The B-Speech Caran is wireless and ready to use, right as you attach it to your car's sun visor.

The universal bracket mount can be turned in an angle of 200° and allows for first-class communication, no matter what position your sun visor is in. At the base of the microphone is a second button to accept incoming calls.

Of particularly importance was simple operation while driving. So the large and ergonomical key elements are substantial contribution to driving safety!

The status signals give you information about the system and the load of the batteries, at all times. The freely positional microphone provides for best transmission and the loudspeaker grants best sound quality. The integrated digitally signal processor (DSP) suppresses disturbing background noises, perfectly. No interference, no echo. With its compact dimensions it not only fits into each car, it might suit your desk as well.

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