1. Baby Pool Float Swimming Float with Canopy Inflatable Floatie Swim Ring for Kids Aged 9-36 Months

Baby Pool Float Swimming Float with Canopy Inflatable Floatie Swim Ring for Kids Aged 9-36 Months

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We all know the importance of teaching kids how to swim at early ages. Ayeboovi inflatable
toddler pool float with canopy are specially designed to let babies feel comfortable and happy
while getting the basic skills of splashing and simple swimming actions.

?Product Features: ?

? Comes in a baby shark form, with chubby body, big mouth, inflated white teeth, lovely eyes,
this baby float will definitely better catch kids' attention than normal floaties.
? With in-built bells in the shark teeth, kids can hear mild and sweet sound and will focus on
staying in the float and the water.

The sunshade is designed to protect babies from getting hurt by too much sunshine. Like the seat,
this canopy is inflatable and foldable. It is super easy to install and also very functional.

? Handles on the two sides of the seat offer grips for kids to hold when they tilt their bodies in
the baby swimming float.
? Seat with thick walls form a soft backrest for babies to relax their bodies and decrease their
fatigue for more comfort.
? Large circumference combined with shark fins and tails, the stability is guaranteed. So you
don't need to worry about turnover of the baby float.
? We adopt environmentally friendly PVC, none-toxic and safe.

1.This is not a lifesaving device. Do not leave child unattended while product is in use. Adult
supervision recommended. Always stay in the pool within arm's reach of child.
2.To better inflate the baby float, please press the air tap when you inflate. 90%-95% air
inflation is recommended.
3.Make sure you've closed the valves well before you put the toddler pool float into use.
4.Please hang the float dry after every use, before you deflate and fold.