1. BambooMN Brand - 7.2" Black Bonsai Trimming shear

BambooMN Brand - 7.2" Black Bonsai Trimming shear

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Fine Detail Trimming These shears are specially designed for trimming branches, roots, and leaves from your bonsai trees. They have a high grip-to-blade ratio to ensure the finest levels of precision and comfort during use. An Essential for Bonsai Owners Small handheld shears like these are absolutely essential to any bonsai owner's tree care set. Designed for precise trimming, shears are absolutely necessary if you wish to shape up and style your bonsai tree. These shears are made from high quality carbon steel that will last a lifetime with proper care. 7" Black Bonsai Shear Bonsai 5pc Shear Set Bonsai Tool Kit 5pc Basic Care Set Bonsai Basics Set - 8" Concave Cutter, 7" Heavy Duty Shear Bonsai Tree Pruning Trimming Starter Tool Kit - Leaf Trimmers and Bamboo Rake Size of Set 1 Piece 5 Pieces 5 Pieces 2 Pieces 6 Pieces