1. Basil, Dwarf Greek - Herb Seeds, Non-GMO

Basil, Dwarf Greek - Herb Seeds, Non-GMO

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Basil, Dwarf Greek - Herb Seeds: Contains approximately 600-650 Basil, Greek Herb Seeds. Germination: 70 degrees for 12-18 days. Plant seeds 1/4" deep in well-prepared soil This type of basil is compact in size, usually only growing about 6 inches high. It has smaller leaves than a typical basil plant as well. Dwarf Greek basil works well for container growing due to its small size. Basil is an annual plant that is well-known for its strong taste, enticing aroma, and distinctive appearance. It is one of the most popular herbs due to its common use in various recipes as well as its ease to grow, and many herb gardens include some variety of basil. Basil can be grown indoors as well with the proper care and plenty of sunlight. The aroma of the basil plant may attract butterflies and bees, but watch out for pests such as aphids and whiteflies that can also be attracted to basil. Planting, Growing, and Harvesting: Plant basil in high-quality soil with adequate drainage in a sunny area. Give basil plants plenty of water, but be careful not to water too much. Plants can grow up to about 18 inches tall. Pinch off any flowers that show up on the basil to help keep up the production of new leaves. Once the leaves are harvested, they may not keep for very long so be sure to use them quickly. Store basil leaves in the refrigerator for no more than a day or two for best results.