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Best Fitness Apps

Posted by Unlimited Cellular on 12/9/2014
With a little searching, you will be able to find an enormous amount of fitness apps that are compatible with your iPhone, and Android. There is an app to fit every fitness level and goal out there. For the iPhone, the first two apps were a great find: If you are interested in a "no frills" workout, try Daniel Miller's Daily Workout App. The free version offers the basics for: abs, butt, arms and legs, in addition to Cardio and basic Yoga in easy 5 to 10 minute workouts. You can likewise purchase the paid versions for as little as $3.99 which will give you a wider selection of workouts. Many people were impressed with the iPump and Fitness Builder App priced at $9.99. This is a larger investment than most, but offers an outstanding variety of exercises such as: medicine ball, kettlebell, weight training and so much more. The next two apps listed work with your Android: Why not try the Endomondo Sports Tracker App? This activity tracker provides you with the metrics you need to track your speed and distance, along with dozens more. Cost: $3.99 Get out your earphones and start! Nike Training Club App offers a huge number of 30 to 45 minute workouts that are fitted to your individual training level and goals. The use of photos and videos help you to safely perform each exercise provided to eradicate the probability of injury. Cost: Free After you find the perfect fitness app, it will be important to have great accessories to accompany your appliance. UnlimitedCellular.com has a large assortment of high quality, reasonably priced accessories to fit every need. Aerielle i2i AudioWearTM Lanyard-style Earphones –these are a great choice that offer a lightweight and comfortable fit. Cost: $24.39 Another style listed: the iLuv Bubble Gum Earphones that are offered in several stylish colors such as bright orange, blue, and pink they range in price from $3.97 to $5.99. UnlimitedCellular.com also offers a wide array of screen protectors, cell phone parts, as well as cases and holsters. Last but not least: This company takes pride in their exceptional customer service!

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