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Black Universal Mini-Flip Style Leather Case w/Clip for Samsung SGH-A227; Pantech C520; Nokia 6205; Sanyo Katana LX

Black Universal Mini-Flip Style Leather Case w/Clip for Samsung SGH-A227; Pantech C520; Nokia 6205; Sanyo Katana LX

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Part Number:311658
Product UPC: 888063611964

Brand New Mini-Flip Style Universal Black Leather Case

Wireless Solutions carrying cases are a great value at the highest quality. Includes a detachable swivel belt clip.

  • Standard Mini-Flip Style black universal leather pouch w/ratcheting belt clip.

Compatible With:

  • KYOCERA 4130 K312 K322 Thunder K323 K325 Cyclops KX1 KX1i KX1v KX9d Oystr KX9e Oystr M1000 S5000 Lightning SE44 SE47 SLIDER SOHO
  • LG 1010 1200 4010 4011 4050 5400 AX140 AX145 AX245 AX3200 AX355 AX380 AX390 AX4270 AX4750 AX490 AX5000 AX5450 C1300 C1500 C2000 CE500 CG225 CG300 CHOCOLATE CU400 CU405 FUSIC L1150 L1400 LG357 LONGHORN LX125 LX150 LX160 LX225 LX5450 LX550 MIGO PM225 TP5200 TP5250 UX210 UX245 UX355 UX390 UX4500 UX4750 UX5000 VI125 VI5225 VX1 VX10 VX1000 VX3100 VX3100A VX3200 VX3300 VX3400 VX3450 VX4500 VX4600 VX4650 VX5200 VX5300 VX8100 VX8300 VX8350 VX8500 VX8550VX8550 VX8700 WAVE
  • MOTOROLA A840 C139 C290 C333c C333g C341c C343c C353t E310 MPx200 PEBL U6 T720c T720g T720i T721g T722i V170 V171 V173 V177 V180 V186 V188 V190 V195 V197 V220 V235 V260 V262 V265 V266 V276 V300 V302 V323 V323i V325 V325i V330 V365 V400 V400 PTT V535 V540 V545 V550 V551 V555 V557 V600 V60c V60g V60i (CDMA) V60i (GSM) V60i (TDMA) V60p V60s V60si V60t V60v V60x V635 V65p V66 V70 V810 W315 i830 i850 i875 i880 i920 i930
  • NEXTEL i830 i850 i875 i880 i920 i930
  • NOKIA 2366i 2855i 3220 5300 6061 6085 6101 6102 6102i 6103 6126 6133 6136 6165i 6170 6215i 6255i 6256i 6315i RAM
  • PANASONIC G51 G51u
  • PANTECH C3 C300 C3b C510 PN-218 PN-300 PN-820
  • SAGEM MY-401
  • SAMSUNG DRIFT HEAT HUE JITTERBUG SCH-A310 SCH-A530 SCH-A530s SCH-A570 SCH-A610 SCH-A630 SCH-A645 SCH-A650 SCH-A670 SCH-A690 SCH-A850 SCH-A870 SCH-A890 SCH-A930 SCH-A990 SCH-I600 SCH-R500 SCH-U420 SCH-U520 SCH-U540 SCH-U620 SCH-U710 SCH-U740 SGH-A117 SGH-A437 SGH-A517 SGH-A707 SGH-A717 SGH-C416 SGH-C417 SGH-D347 SGH-D406 SGH-D407 SGH-D900 SGH-E315 SGH-E316 SGH-E317 SGH-E335 SGH-E635 SGH-P207 SGH-P777 SGH-S105 SGH-S307 SGH-T209 SGH-T219 SGH-T319 SGH-T329 SGH-T409 SGH-T609 SGH-T619 SGH-T629 SGH-T719 SGH-X426 SGH-X427 SGH-X475 SGH-X495 SGH-X496 SGH-X497 SGH-X506 SGH-X507 SGH-ZX10 SGH-ZX20 SPH-A110 SPH-A120 SPH-A303 SPH-A400 SPH-A420 SPH-A460 SPH-A500 SPH-A503 SPH-A560 SPH-A580 SPH-A600 SPH-A620 SPH-A640 SPH-A660 SPH-A680 SPH-A740 SPH-A760 SPH-A840 SPH-A880 SPH-A920 SPH-I550 SPH-I600 SPH-M500 SYNC VGA1000 VI660 VM-A680
  • SANYO 8200 M1 MM-7500 MM-8300 SCP-200 SCP-2400 SCP-3100 SCP-6600 Katana SCP-6650 KATANA II SCP-7000 SCP-7050 SCP-8400 SCP-8500 KATANA DLX
  • SIEMENS CF62T M56 SL56
  • SONY ERICSSON J220 J300 K500 K700 K750 T290 T290a W300 W600 W710 W800 Z300 Z310 Z520 Z525 Z550 Z710
  • UTSTARCOM CDM105SP CDM7000 CDM7025 CDM7075 CDM7075 (Verizon) CDM7100 CDM855 CDM8610 CDM8615 CDM8910 CDM8912 CDM8915 CDM8932 CDM8935 CDM8940 CDM8945 CDM8955

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