1. Blood Pressure Supplement (Non-GMO) 90 CAPS : Blood Pressure Support with Hawthorn Berry and Uva Ursi

Blood Pressure Supplement (Non-GMO) 90 CAPS : Blood Pressure Support with Hawthorn Berry and Uva Ursi

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NusaPure Blood Pressure Support helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels with hawthorn berry and other natural diuretics for high blood pressure. Do you want to finally get control over your blood pressure levels?If you answered yes, then our blood pressure support formula is for you. We carefully created this all-natural combination of 13 ingredients specifically designed to give you the positive results you are seeking. Other supplements just can?t match our formula!How NusaPure Blood Pressure Support Helps You:Niacin and Garlic, both known for their anti-hypertensive properties, aid in proper dilation of your blood vessels. Niacin is particular known as a vasodilator in that it widens blood vessels. We?ve also included Vitamin B-12 which is essential for the production of red cells critical for normal blood pressure levels. Olive Leaf and Hawthorn Berry Extracts have been proven to have antihypertensive effects. Green Tea has been shown to help relax blood vessels which results in lower pressure. Finally, Blood Pressure Support contains an effective blend of natural herbal diuretics, Uva Uris, Juniper Berry, and Buchu Leaves.  The result is THE superior formula that covers everything you need to help maintain healthy blood pressure.Why choose NusaPure Blood Pressure Support?- Most of our competitors offer a 60 day supply. We offer a 90 day supply!- Blood Pressure Support is manufactured in a GMP certified facility under the highest quality measures- Our Formula has the HIGHEST dosages of Hawthorne Berry Extract