1. Bloomify OG017 Celosia Terrarium with Moss, 6" Tall Jar

Bloomify OG017 Celosia Terrarium with Moss, 6" Tall Jar

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Color:clear with moss Discover the most beautiful & unique plant terrarium containing a live Celosia plant!celosia is a colorful & truly stunning flower resembling the head of a rooster, hence the name cockscomb!now, although we guarantee at least 1 growing center bloom, your plant might have more bloom headsplus, due to different biological variations, your plant might start off smaller or larger. Don't be alarmed! give it enough time & it will end up growing no matter what!maintenance instructionsthere aren’t any! all you got to do is set it on a table in a room with ambient light & just avoid sunlight or direct light sources. The plant does not require direct sunlight & it could in fact be detrimental to its well-being.that’s all there is to it. Enjoy your Celosia for months upon months without worrying about the temperature, light, bugs & insects or water spills.finally, please remember to not open the lid at any time, because that could lead to mold contamination of the gel.100% satisfaction guaranteeif you are not entirely pleased with your live Celosia plant, please get in touch with us within 30 days & we will make it right. You will however, be the first one!all the growth factors of your plant terrarium are completely controlled as your plant will be living in a sterile environment. As long as you do not take off the lid or expose the terrarium to direct sources of light, you will not experience any problems.finally, we will provide a heat Pack during winter season to prevent cold damage to the plant during shipping. Please make arrangements to be at home when your terrarium is delivered or at least notify your local USPS to send it to your work place instead.so scroll up, click ‘add to cart’ & enjoy your majestic Celosia!