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Boss Tech Touch Screen Gloves (Pink/Skeleton)
Boss Tech Touch Screen Gloves (Pink/Skeleton)

Boss Tech Touch Screen Gloves (Pink/Skeleton)

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Boss Tech Touch Screen Gloves for iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, DROID (Pink/Skeleton)

Caught outside & need to make a cellular phone call? Can't bare the cold and numb finger tips as you try to decide on a movie from a outdoor DVD kiosk rental? Do you work in the elements and still need to use a touch screen computer, but hate having to remove your gloves? Boss Tech Touch screen Gloves are made of 95% Acrylic and 5% spandex that will protect your hands and fingertips from the cold, without holding you back. With three conductive finger tips (thumb, index, and middle finger), these gloves offer easy and convenient use with any touch screen device while keeping your entire hand and fingertip covered. Type up a text message, plan a route, select an ap, read an ebook, and more without ever taking off your gloves. Ideal for use with cell phones, tablets, eReaders, smart phones, digital cameras, GPS navigation units, at an ATM's , DVD rental kiosks, gas station service screens and more! The blend of Acrylic and spandex knit stitching allows the gloves to be washable while still fitting a wide range of hands (men, women, and teens). The blend also allows the gloves to return back to their original size after each use. The thick knit stitching creates breathability for hands, while the elastic wrists keep the warmth in and the cold out.

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