1. Botanical Cactus Watercolor Succulent Plant Lady Garden Tee

Botanical Cactus Watercolor Succulent Plant Lady Garden Tee

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The Botanical Cactus Watercolor Succulent Plant Lady Garden Botanical Aesthetic T-Shirt is perfect for gardeners, horticulturists, arborists, biologists, greenhouse lovers, cacti addicts, succulent hoarders, desert dwellers, wanderers, boho spirits & nature nerds. Brighten up life! This tee is great if you collect opuntia, echinocereus, echeveria, sedum, crassula, kalanchoe, graptopetalum, graptoveria, sedeveria, lithops, pleiospilos nelii, gibbaeum, gymnocalycium, succulent favors, prickly plants, terrarium gifts, rare plants and cute houseplants. 25 Vintage Place is a small family business located in Southern California. We are super passionate about designs that you can confidently wear. At the 25 Vintage Place t shirt shop, we've got cool graphic mom tees and hoodies for green thumbs every day of the week and season of the year. Understated outdoorsy mama shirt with just plain, cool graphics. These cute, trendy nature mama graphics have the look of cool vintage tee shirts and sweatshirts without that vintage t-shirt funk. We love anything with a vintage vibe but also trendy, modern styles for millennial plant parents. Search for 25 Vintage Place to see more trendy boho watercolor style Ts that cover everything from free spirit nature lovers to snarky sports mom sayings, dog lovers to sarcastic high school teachers! Whatever your mood, let your rad botanical clothing do the talking. Great gifts for an amazingly unique celebration, important game day, tailgate party, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Holiday, Christmas, Fathers Day, Mothers Day or Birthday t-shirt gift for any crazy fan, best coach, rad dad, proud papa, mom, mommy, mum, mama, father, mother, child, daughter, son, toddler, kid, teenage girl, teenage boy, girl, boy, godmother, godfather, neighbor, cousin, best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, grandma, grandpa, or grandparent.