1. Bounty Hunter MACH-1 Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter MACH-1 Metal Detector

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The MACH-1 was designed in the USA by First Texas Products, the same designers and manufacturers of Teknetics, Fisher Research Labs and Bounty Hunter, the #1 designer and manufacturer of hobby, security and utility detectors worldwide. The MACH-1 has a computerized on-the-fly target depth indicator and uses 4 LCD target icons coupled with 4 unique digital audio tones to alert you to the probable ID of the buried target. The programmable digital target discrimination system allows you to set the MACH-1 to ignore unwanted trash targets while still allowing detection of valuable treasures. 3 levels of adjustable sensitivity allow you to adjust the detection sensitivity to fit most environments even areas with high Electromagnetic Interference. The MACH-1 is a lightweight, compact, and ergonomically designed metal detector constructed from rugged impact resistance ABS plastic. The weather proof 6-inch search coil detects small sized targets up to 6” deep while large targets can be detected much deeper. Your treasure is out there. . . find it now with the MACH-1!