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Car Kits

Get the latest Bluetooth technology at Unlimited Cellular! Whether you want to install a Bluetooth Car kit to allow hands-free phone use and access to all your favorite MP3 tunes, or purchase a portable system that has you hands-free and able to mulit-task anywhere, we’ve got what you need.

Bluetooth technology, first developed in 1994 and still state-of-the-art, allows you to connect multiple wireless devices over short distances. You can create your own PAN (Personal Area Network) and sync all of your devices using Bluetooth! This technology allows you to drive, cycle, run, walk, or meet and multi-task hands-free. 

Be sure to shop all of our great buys in computing, cell phone, and personal device needs, and place your order with us today! Thank you for shopping Unlimited Cellular!
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    Take calls hands free or rock out to your favorite tunes with a Bluetooth car kit designed to work with your cell phone or MP3 player. Complete installation kits at Unlimited Cellular