1. Carl & Kay [1800 Pcs] 1 cm Pom Poms for Crafts, Craft Pom Pom Balls, Mini Pompoms for Crafts, Tiny Pom Pom for Crafts

Carl & Kay [1800 Pcs] 1 cm Pom Poms for Crafts, Craft Pom Pom Balls, Mini Pompoms for Crafts, Tiny Pom Pom for Crafts

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Get your creative juices flowing with some pompom project ideas. Happy crafting!

Pom Pom Character Accessories: These 1 cm pompoms pair perfectly with Carl & Kay's 1 inch pompoms. Use the little poms for easy (and color coordinated!) eyes, ears, hands, feet or spots!
Fine Motor Skills: Whether kids want to sweep, swat, scoop or shoot, small pompoms can help them develop coordination and dexterity.
Color Sorting: Help young children learn to recognize and identify colors by sorting poms into color groups.
Decorative Letters: Trace and cut large letters out of cardboard. Glue pompoms to each letter, covering the entire surface. Hang your finished art up on the wall or display it on a shelf!
Festive Branches: Glue pompoms all throughout small tree branches and display in a vase.


Today, kids are using their imaginations less than ever before. From over-booked schedules to extended screen-time to overstimulation. It's a growing problem. But, together we can change that! We are on a mission to empower kids through creativity. We can do this by inspiring them to use their imagination, think for themselves, and solve problems creatively.


Fine Motor Skills: Artistic activities that connect visual and tactile modalities-eye-hand coordination-help prepare the brain to understanding complex ideas like relationships, shapes, and numbers.
Problem Solving: By engaging in creative activities, children develop confidence in their abilities as they learn how to innovate-a critical skill for success in life.
Wellness & Mental Health: Art is a vehicle for emotion. It is a self-soothing activity that allows the creator to work through ideas and issues, building the foundation needed for abstract thinking and healthy emotional responses.