1. Chalk of the Town Ballet Themed Plastic Stencil for Kids

Chalk of the Town Ballet Themed Plastic Stencil for Kids

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Our stencil is great for creative kids who like drawing, working with crafts, and making art by tracing; our template is great decorating a blank canvas with a variety of designs. Kids stencils are an essential element for their creative development. Templates are a great start for any kid trying to learn how to draw and get involved in the arts. The Ballet themed stencil for kids features music notes, a ballet dancer, leotard, crown, heart and Ballet hashtag Reuse again and again: our plastic stencils for kids are high quality and made from thick and durable materials. Toss in a bag or a box of art supplies, our stencils will persist through consistent use. Spark the creativity of children by offering them the supplies and tools with unlimited potential; our kids stencil encourages learning and craft making. Arts and crafts exercises for kids are a great way to keep them busy and get ideas flowing. Stencil measures 3.5" x 5"; great size for home use or on-the-go; easily wash or wipe down after each use