1. Colloidal Silver Liquid Solution 16 oz in Glass Bottle 10 PPM

Colloidal Silver Liquid Solution 16 oz in Glass Bottle 10 PPM

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Silver Holistics Colloidal Silver - 10 PPM - Glass BottleGive yourself, your family and your pets the immune boost that they crave! Silver Holistics colloidal silver is first and foremost produced in a way where only pure silver and water are in your solution. No additives, salts, stabilizers, or proteins are added. This will be the cleanest, purest solution you have ever purchased. We produce a 10 ppm solution because the higher the ppm the higher the chance of producing large particles which are ineffective. A 100 or 500 ppm solution will be filled with large ineffective particles. Our 10 ppm solution is high in silver ions which are much smaller and much more effective than large particles because they can be easily absorbed by the body. Your colloidal silver will come in a glass bottle. Though glass bottles are more expensive than the plastic bottles used in others, it is vital to ensure the quality of your silver. There will be no leaching of contaminates into your silver from a plastic container. It is also colored/tinted to protect it from direct sunlight. Top-notch material has been used to ensure your silver is top quality when you receive it.