1. Costa Farms Peace Lily Spathiphyllum, Live Indoor Plant Decorated in Everyday Gift-Wrap, 15-Inch

Costa Farms Peace Lily Spathiphyllum, Live Indoor Plant Decorated in Everyday Gift-Wrap, 15-Inch

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Size:15-Inch | Style:Everyday Gift-Wrap Peace lily shows off dark green leaves with white flowering spaths that rise above the foliage. It's a wonderful addition to tabletops, desks, and credenzas in your home or office, and this humidity loving houseplant is also great for adding to a low-light bathroom. Place Peace Lily in a spot that receives bright light (5 or more hours of sunlight), ideally near a West or East window. This plant prefers [indirect | direct] sunlight. [direct sunlight may burn the plant.] Water when the top 1 inch of the soil is dry (about once every 7 to 10 days) and be sure all excess water drains away. If the container does not have holes, use approximately 1 cup of water, adjust as needed for your environment. Do not let the Peace Lily sit in water or overly soggy soil. The plant will wilt dramatically when it gets too dry, but its leaves pop back quickly after it gets moisture. The height at shipping is approximately 15 inches tall, measured from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant. The Peace Lily ships in a festive, 6-inch diameter decorative wrap. To avoid water spillage, this wrap does not have holes. The Peace Lily is a moderate grower. Exact growth rate depends on the care provided and its environment. Give it a boost during the warm months of Spring and Summer with a general-purpose fertilizer that is formulated for house plants. Follow the instructions on the fertilizer package for the best use. When the plant out grows the current container, it is time to repot. To repot the Peace Lily, gently remove it from its current container and place it into a slightly larger container. Fill in any empty spaces with new and fresh soil and water thoroughly. This plant is considered hardy in USDA Zone 11-12. Be aware of third-party sellers; other companies try to imitate our quality. There are no other authorized Costa Farms sellers. Look for ships from & sold by to ensure you’re getting our premium plants. Plants are living things; ea