1. Crescent Garden Orinoco Planter, Double-Walled Plant Bowl, 22-Inch (Caviar Black)

Crescent Garden Orinoco Planter, Double-Walled Plant Bowl, 22-Inch (Caviar Black)

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Size:22" | Color:Old Bronze The refined design of Crescent Garden's planters provides a combination of modern yet classic aesthetics and high-quality functionality in any indoor or outdoor space. The ideal planter bowls for real or artificial plants, our heavy-duty Orinoco indoor/outdoor planters are made of food-safe 100% recyclable high-grade polyethylene. We designed our Orinoco-style stackable planters with a high weight capacity, making them a great choice for potting large plants and creating tiered gardens. The dual wall structure protects plants' roots from extreme hot and cold temperatures, enhancing and simplifying your container-gardening experience all year round. Our breakthrough innovation in these bowls makes them the essential bowl planter for porch, deck, balcony, or patio use. They can also be used as a creative succulent garden for indoor use. Crescent Garden's unique planters speak longevity in their design and provide variety and versatility, quickly becoming new classics. Made with quality materials, our anti-shock, lightweight planter bowls are known for their durability, designed to withstand extreme weather, and made to last. Whether you create a tiered garden by stacking the three sizes or plant a succulent garden, you can rely on them to last through extreme temperatures and weather conditions. These minimalist solid-colored planters are available in a variety of colors and 3 sizes so that you can find the right planter pot for your home.