1. Crystal Blue 100534022 Sanco Toss N Treat Packs Blue 8oz, White

Crystal Blue 100534022 Sanco Toss N Treat Packs Blue 8oz, White

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Crystal Blue pond dye is a true blue pond dye. It has no other color added except blue. If your pond is currently clear it will give the pond a deep blue appearance. If your pond is currently muddy, brown it can give your pond a very light blue tint until the muddiness clears. Crystal Blue is the most popular color pond dye used on the market. Blue pond dye out sells black and blue-green dye 3 to 1. We encourage pond owners trying a pond dye to take a picture before you apply the dye and then another picture the same time of the day 24-48 hours after applying the dye. It is amazing how subtly a dye can transform your body of water. Directions: Remove water soluble bag from white pouch, and toss packet of into water (be sure hands aren't wet). They will float for a second then start to dissolve and sink. If water temps are extremely cold, wait until they warm up or dye will sink to bottom. Dye will mix throughout pond in 24-48 hours. 1 bag will treat 1/4 acre of water 4-6 feet deep. Dye will last approximately 30 days depending on rainfall and runoff. Important Tip: All ponds will take a dye differently and the same dye can appear slightly different in the same pond from one application to the next. Preexisting conditions in a pond can also alter the way a dye appears. If you apply a pond dye and the tint is drastically different than what is discussed above, there is a preexisting condition that is altering the color of the dye. For example, customers will add our Crystal Blue pond dye to a rather green pond and the pond turns a vibrant green color. The preexisting condition in this pond is a planktonic algae growth. When the blue pond dye was added, it intensified the color of the green planktonic algae. Once the algae is controlled or dies off on its own the beautiful blue color will magically appear. Keep Your Pond Looking Great Dyes will improve your pond’s quality and clarity, while maintaining its color. Step-by-Step Pond Maintenance Step 1 Pond Dye Step 2 Pond Bacteria Step 3 Crystal Plex Step 4 Tsunami DQ Step 5 Catt Plex Step-by-Step Pond Maintenance Pond Bacteria Natural Pond Cleaner safely and effectively breaks down muck and dead vegetation. Muck Doctor will reduce muck levels in targeted areas. Apply February-November for early season treatment. Crystal Plex and Copper When algae currently exists, start with Crystal Plex or Copper Sulfate. Apply April-September Herbicide for Submerged Weeds When weeds currently exist, start with Tsunami DQ. Apply April-September Catt Plex When emerged weeds exist, start with Catt Plex. Apply April-September Tips for Using Pond Dye A beautiful pond or lake can be achieved with a little work, some knowledge, and the right products. Pond owners that are unsatisfied with pond treatment are missing one or more of these key pieces: work, knowledge, or the right products.