1. Curaprox 5460 Ultrasoft Toothbrush

Curaprox 5460 Ultrasoft Toothbrush

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The CS 5460 Ultra Soft Toothbrush gently fights plaque and stains with the power of CUREN filaments. Densely packed and incredibly gentle, the CS 5460 provides an efficient and comfortable cleaning experience. Many dental products rely on nylon bristles for an efficient cleaning, but don't see the same results. CUREN filaments are stiffer than nylon and remain just as stable in the mouth as when they are dry. These properties make it possible to produce a toothbrush with thousands of ultrafine bristles. A regular toothbrush has 500 thick bristles, over 10 times fewer bristles compared to the CS 5460. Each CUREN filament in the CS 5460 is 0.01 cm thin and rounded at the tops; a unique design constructed with your care and comfort in mind. More than teeth whitening and fresh breath, we care about your oral health. The CS 5460 is designed to give you an effective cleaning, but also tend to your gum line. The gum line must be kept clean, as bacteria can easily materialize and cause many oral health issues. The fine filaments of the CS 5460 gently and effectively clean the gum line, without injury or discomfort. The octagonal handle of the CS 5460 provides you with a precise manipulation to brush at every angle. Equally important, the compact brush head removes stubborn plaque and stains in hard-to-reach places. Tough on plaque, delicate on gums, the CS 5460 has been constructed to bring you an unparalleled gentle-cleaning experience.