1. David's Garden Seeds Pepper Bell Islander 3972 (Purple) 25 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds

David's Garden Seeds Pepper Bell Islander 3972 (Purple) 25 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds

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Bell Peppers Bell peppers have for a long time been a versatile vegetable that can be used in many different dishes, from stuffed bell peppers to sweet and sour chicken. Many Different Varieties Bell peppers are full of variety and can be found in many different sizes and colors and flavors! You can find bell peppers in red, yellow, orange, green, brown, white and purple! Try Garden Fresh Bell Peppers With Rice And Chicken Garden fresh bell peppers will go great with meats, sautéed with chicken, beef or pork are good options. Versatile Ingredient Dinner Plate Appeal Goes Great With Meats An Incredible Growing Experience Bell Peppers are relatively easy to grow yet can provide enough of a challenge to make the reward of plucking a big juicy bell pepper off your plant all the sweeter and more delicious. Combining crisp texture with sweet tang, bell peppers have universal appeal that makes them a standard for every market. Sweetness and Flavor Increase Sweetness and flavor increase when the fruit color — usually green at first, but purple or white in some — ripens to red, yellow, orange, or chocolatey-brown tones. David's Garden Seeds offers a range of bell pepper varieties that produce high yields of premium-quality fruit over an extended season and under varying climatic conditions. Make Bell Pepper Your Choice Pepper For All Of Your Years Delicious Cooking Enjoy a fun growing season and then a fun eating season after, filled with lots of good dishes! Germination And Growing Tips by David Placing your seeds in less than 1/4 inch of soil will do. It is important to know how deep you should plant your seeds. Seeds are a living embryo that contains enough energy to germinate and break the surface of the soil. If planted too deep, the seeds will run out of energy and die before they break the surface. We recommend planting your seeds 1/4 inch in the soil. Keep your soil moist, but not wet. Over-watering will drown the seed. A good rule to follow is moist soil will have a dark healthy look to it. It will feel like brown sugar on your knuckle. Dry soil will be dull, flaky, and feel like salt. The best watering for germinating is from the bottom. Placing your starter plants in a tray, and filling with 3/4 water, allows them to soak up the water they need. Seeds need enough light to grow. Most seeds need 14 to 16 hours of daylight a day, so if you are planting indoors, a grow light will be needed. A regular florescent or lamp light will not work. Placing your pots on a window sill will not work with most seeds since they do not get the full amount of light. If your seeds are not getting enough light they will grow tall, thin, and then fall over. At David's Garden Seeds, we carry over 2,000 varieties of seeds, in stock, every day. Gardening is a year-long passion for us here in Texas. We provide only Non-GMO seeds. We have a host of Heirloom, and Open Pollinated Seeds in many varieties. Our seeds make home gardening a fun way of life for the whole family. David's Garden Seeds is a Veteran owned business that has been offering quality seeds since 2009. We Strive For Excellence At David's Garden Seeds we do everything right here in Poteet, Texas on our farm. Our physical store and seed shops are also located on our farm. We employ just under 20 dedicated workers. We get our seeds from reputable farmers and growers throughout the United States whom David has formed friendships and business relationships with throughout the past 25 years. All of our seeds are Non-GMO and are grown by those who have taken the Safe Seed Pledge, just as we have. Every step of the process is done on our farm CountingPacking SeedsEnvelope DesignEnvelope PrintingProcessing and ShippingUpkeep of website and online stores Safe Seed Pledge We at David's Garden Seeds took the Safe Seed Pledge on January 24, 2009. We provide seeds that are safe for growing food. We plant them, grow food and feed our family from our backyard garden. We would never sell anything that we would not grow and eat ourselves. Our Seed Packets Each package is hand packed with first year seeds inside a clear bag, which is then placed inside one of our in-house printed envelopes with a detailed photo and instructions for planting.