1. DenTek Professional Oral Care Kit

DenTek Professional Oral Care Kit

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Oral Care Kit contains five dishwasher safe dental tools to remove food and plaque from hard to reach spaces. Get a stainless steel pick and scaler for weekly use and a plastic pick for daily use. Massage your gums and promote healthy gum tissue with the gum stimulator. Use the mirror to inspect and maneuver hard to see areas. This is for dental zealots who love to smile. It isn?t easy to get a dentist level deep clean from brushing and flossing alone. That?s why DenTek created the professional Oral Care Kit with five dental hygiene tools to clean your teeth. Try the Oral Care Kit to protect against tooth staining, cavities, gum disease and many other oral health problems. The picks, scaler and fog free mirror help you step up your dental routine. Pick and gently scrape away plaque and bits of food from between your teeth. Take good care of your healthy smile with Oral Care Kit. If you have questions, please call us at 800 4DenTek. Has your hygienist spent too a lot time scraping your teeth at your dental checkup? Instead of booking costly dental appointments more than every six months, try DenTek?s Oral Care Kit. Get DenTek?s Oral Care Kit for an unbeatable deep clean that protects your beautiful smile.