1. Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzle - Day of The Dead - 500 Piece

Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzle - Day of The Dead - 500 Piece

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Make no mistake here; what you're about to experience is not the halloween holiday being exaggerated, overblown, or presented as over-the-top. This is day of the Dead, a huge holiday focused on families celebrating their deceased relatives coming back to visit the land of the living. Dating back nearly 3, 000 years ago, families still gather together to respect, cry and laugh along with their ancestors. That's why instead of skeletons portraying Death in a fearful way, they signify how Death is part of life, or another way of looking at it, We can laugh in the face of death. Day of the Dead is celebrated from November 1st through the 2nd, with people, skeletons smiling and a few famous faces filling the streets. So come on down to Mexico City in this folk art puzzle and party until Dawn!