1. DryCorp Waterproof Vacuum Sealed Half Leg Cast Cover, Blue Small

DryCorp Waterproof Vacuum Sealed Half Leg Cast Cover, Blue Small

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Completely waterproof, patented vacuum sealed protection for below-the-knee casts and wounds. Bathe, shower, or even swim without worry of infection or damage to your cast or leg wound! The special non-skid grid protects the sole and helps prevent slipping. 1. Slide the product over your foot and lay it flat against your leg about 2 inches above where your cast or wound ends. Do not seal the cover directly on the knee. Wear only above or below the knee. 2. Use the hand pump to squeeze all the air our from the product, to create the vacuum seal. 3. Remove the hand pump and close the valve. You are now waterproof! 4. When you are done using the DryPro, simply lift up the cuff to let the air back in. The cover then easily slides back off. TO FIND YOUR SIZE: 1. Measure the circumference of your leg 2" above where the cast or wound ends. DO NOT measure on the cast. 2. Measure length from back of heel to top of the cast or wound. The length is to ensure that the cover is long enough. No worries if the cover is too long. You can bunch of the extra material in the middle of the leg, and it will vacuum seal against the leg once you remove the air.