1. Duncan Reflex Auto Return Yo-Yo, Green

Duncan Reflex Auto Return Yo-Yo, Green

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Duncan Reflex Auto Return Yo-Yo is designed for beginners, children, collectors, or people looking for a fun time activity. Toys like these help the children improve their hand-eye coordination. Yo-yoing is commonly used in schools to create early learning environments. The yo-yo ball is made using high-quality plastic for maximum durability. The plastic body can withstand accidental falls and knocks that are expected while yo-yoing. The Reflex Yo-Yo has centrifugal clutch that engages around the axle and snaps back into the hand. The take-apart design makes it easy to remove the knot. Light-in-weight the string yo-yo is designed like a butterfly and stands apart from other yo-yos. The automatic yo-yo is here. Featuring Auto-Return Technology, Reflex automatically returns to the hand without having to tug the string. Utilizing a centrifugal clutch, Reflex returns automatically when it reaches the end of its spin.