1. EAGWELL Outdoor String Lights 48FT with 15 Edison Vintage Plastic Bulbs and Commercial Grade Weatherproof Strand - UL Listed Heavy-Duty Decorative Café Patio Light , Porch Market Light

EAGWELL Outdoor String Lights 48FT with 15 Edison Vintage Plastic Bulbs and Commercial Grade Weatherproof Strand - UL Listed Heavy-Duty Decorative Café Patio Light , Porch Market Light

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WARM AND COZY LIGHTING ALL YEAR ROUND FROM EAGWELL'S 48 FT OUTDOOR STRING LIGHTS More Technical Data Safety First with UL Socket quantity : 15 Pieces E26 sockets Bulbs Watt: 11W per bulb,165 watts total Input Voltage : 100V - 130V, 50/60Hz Connect up to: 10 strands Light color: Warm soft light Total Length : 48 Ft, Lighted Length: 46 Ft Bulb Spacing : 3.28ft, Length from plug to 1st bulb: 1.4 ft Commercial Grade & UL The whole string lights is UL, the sockets are made of pure copper craft, namely, better conductivity, much safer! Waterproof & Weather Resistant With fully sealed and self-gasketed sockets, Eagwell outdoor string light string are sure to stay under the sun, rain, even in the worst weather conditions. Energy Saving Outdoor string lights have a longer lifespan than incandescent string lights. Save up to 5.5x more electricity than the traditional incandescent alternatives. Easy to Install Use cup hooks, guide wires, or zip ties with the built-in loops (Diameter: 6mm) to hang perfectly. Connects Multiple Strings You can connect multiple light strings together end-to-end to cover even vaster areas,connection up to 10 strands Each connector section is secured with a protective cover to ensure long term and optimal connection How to choose Outside Party Lights ? Wondering light your outdoor entertainment areas? EAGWELL commercial-grade string lights are a magical way to accent pergolas, porches, open spaces, and more. If you plan to spend time outside with your family and friends, you can easily take the next step and create your own custom light strings. UL A 8 amps fuse in the main plug Contains two 8 amps fuse will automatically cut off When the voltage exceeds the standard value. EAGWELL Outdoor String Lights can be used as one or can be connected more string lights (as much as 10 light strings). The LATEST Closed-end and fully sealed technique, PVC encapsulated sockets with brass terminals. 48 Ft Outdoor String Lights There are 15 Socket on each string, which can provide you with super bright and beautiful atmosphere. These lights are waterproof and have withstood winds blowing at 50 MPH. Corrosion resistant, cost resistant, aging resistant, more durable; free from time and space constraints. Easy and Firm Installation The innovative cup hooks makes for a firmer installation with nails, hooks or zips.For installation, we recommend using a 16-gauge guide-wire and then affixing the lights every three or four to the guide-wire or anchor the heavy-duty strand with cup hooks into material that can support the weight.If you're staging a canopy, we strongly suggest you suspend strands from tension and anchored wires and spread the load across truss wires. Enhance the Environment Enhances the beauty and serenity of your yard or garden making it the perfect evening retreat. You will also love what customer lighting does to transform the outside of your shop while keeping it well-lit and safe for your shops. Weatherproof & Heavy-duty This market lights are designed to withstand the wear and tear of year-round outdoor use. They are UL weatherproof commercial. The insulation material can protect the strand from hot winter, sun, wind, rain, snow and damp. So you can leave them outdoors all year round. PERFECT HANGING OUTDOOR LIGHTING FOR ENTERTAINING They add the perfect touch to a wedding,cocktail party, birthday party, BBQ, bistro, cafe, You can be creative to create a beautiful décor that your guests will appreciate and admire. Outdoor String Lights Meteor Lights Storefront Lights LED Module Lights Storefront LED Lights Model 52 Ft LED Outdoor String Lights Warm White Meteor Lights 6 LED 5054 SMD White RGB 5050 Module with lens RGB Storefront Light Waterproof ? ? ? ? ? Quantity leds 18 LED Bulbs 540 LED SMD 2835 480 LED SMD 5054 600 LED SMD 5050 120 SMD 5050 Dimmable ? ? ? ? Working temperature from - 20? to 80? from -20?-50? from -20?-60? from -20?-60? from -20?-50?