1. Easytle 5" Paper White Twist Ties for Bags 1000 Pcs

Easytle 5" Paper White Twist Ties for Bags 1000 Pcs

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Size:1000 PCS PAPER TWIST TIES with rugged metal inner cores. These are the most popular size at 5 inches by 0.16 inches. They feel good in your hand, are flexible, and hold securely when twisted around cords,bags, or small items. FULLY REUSABLE so you can use these twist ties over and over again for years. This is the eco-friendly choice that reduces waste and extra expense. These are extra durable with metal wire core that will not break or snap as with cheaper versions found elsewhere. We use premium materials that give better performance and will not deteriorate overtime. FOR HOME, BUSINESS, INSTITUTIONS and anywhere you need top quality twist ties. They are great for organizing,sealing, holding items together, and for a wide variety of arts and crafts.They make excellent art projects for children in schools and day care centers. HIGH QUALITY, these twist ties will last for years and can be reused many times. keyword: garden twine rubber twist ties twist ties roll garden twist tie plastic twist ties