1. GE Lighting 33774 Cool White 8-Inch Diameter Circline Fluorescent T9 Bulb, 22-Watt

GE Lighting 33774 Cool White 8-Inch Diameter Circline Fluorescent T9 Bulb, 22-Watt

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Product DescriptionGE garage & basement circline fluorescent bulbs' cool white light is perfect for illuminating sizable spaces throughout your home. Use in large open spaces in your home including finished and unfinished basements, garages and rec rooms.From the ManufacturerGE 33774 Cool White 8" Diameter Circline Fluorescent T9 22-Wattt 33774 - FC8T9/CW GE Circline T9 Bulb T9 Base: 4-Pin (G10q), Wattage: 22 Voltage 61 Initial Lumens 1100 Color Temperature 4100 K Color Rendering Index (CRI) 60, Rated Life: 12000 hours, Product Code: 33774, Description: FC8T9/CW, UPC: 043168980388 . The Primary Application: Standard . GE fluorescent lamps have become a universal standard in office and other lighting applications. The characteristics of fluorescent lamps vary widely according to the lamp type. In general, fluorescent lamps have low operating costs because they're efficient, long living, high quality, and rapid starting. Fluorescent lamps can cost significantly less to operate over their lifetime than incandescent lamps. Life ratings for fluorescent lamps range from 6,000 to 36,000 hours based on the industry standard of 3 burning hours per start. The Light Quality GE Star coat® T5 and T8 lamps offer higher color rendering and lumen maintenance of 92%-95%. Also, rapid start and instant start lamps typically start within 1 second of being turned on. Life ratings are based on lamps cycled every 3 operating hours. Lamp life is approximately 35% longer @ 3 hours per start and 20% longer @ 12 hours per start on programmed start ballasts as compared to standard instant start ballasts.