1. Garden4Ever Grow Light, 36 LED Full Spectrum Plant Lights 3/9/12H Timer 5 Dimmable Levels Grow Lamp Bulbs for Indoor Plants Hydroponics Greenhouse Gardening

Garden4Ever Grow Light, 36 LED Full Spectrum Plant Lights 3/9/12H Timer 5 Dimmable Levels Grow Lamp Bulbs for Indoor Plants Hydroponics Greenhouse Gardening

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Graden4Ever is a business that focus on gardening and landscaping, we want to do our part in helping you to see great results in your garden, landscaping and wholesale plant growing. We aim to give you great prices, service that is second to none and top quality products. Garden4Ever Full Spectrum Plant Grow Lamp Grow lights provide much needed supplemental lighting when days are short or overcast. Garden4Ever LED grow lights provide the lighting essential for healthy plant growth while producing considerably less heat and using less energy than standard incandescent grow lights.These LEDs are ideal for all phases of plant growth including budding and flowering and are rated for high humidity use making it compatible with most hydroponic systems. Best Red/Blue LED Combination 3 Timing Modes 5 Dimmable Levels Flexible Goose-Neck Nice Strong Clasp Garden4Ever LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Bring Benefits Medicinal CannabisHigh-wire TomatoesCucumbersLettucesLeafy Greens and HerbsYoung plantsAnnuals and PerennialsPotted PlantsStrawberriesSoft Fruits And The Benefits Of LED Grow Lights Don't Stop There: Increased YieldsImproved Plant QualityProduction PredictabilityReduced Operational CostsAbility to Manage Lights independent of HeatConsistent and Uniform DeliveryGrowth Stimulating Lighting Customer Reviews: This grow light is nice and bright. It gives my seedlings a little extra boost. It emits both red and blue light, which is exactly what plants need. (FYI, blue light helps with chlorophyll production and encourages strong leaves and stems, while red light helps plants flower and fruit--or, in the case of seedlings, to germinate and grow roots.) The light is sturdy but still easy to manipulate. I've used it on and off with my herb seedlings for about a month now, and I think it has helped me achieve better results than I would have without it. I am very pleased with the results with this Dual Head Grow Light. I started some seeds (Basil) in the round pot on April 29 and Radishes in the long containers on May 1 and have attached photos of how they have progressed as of May 9, when I moved them out into the garden. The same batches of seeds, planted in containers outside have not yet sprouted. I used the 12 hour setting which I believe is optimum for herbs and vegetables. I love my NYC apartment, but miss gardening. Small potatoes, but this light helps several house plants, all in the shade loving world, on my north facing window. They thrive under this light, which is quite adjustable. Angel Wings, Rat Tail, African Milk Tree, Saguaro, Old Lady, Bishops Cap, Christmas, 3 Barrels and a stray found in the trash room, all cohabitate and are doing very well. Far from the 100 rose bushes I loved in the burbs, but these will do with the help of this very useful light. Robert C. Ross May 2019 I tend to have a black thumb and could use all the help I can get. I recently planted rosemary and basil in a planter that I can either have outside or inside. The basil wasn't doing well after planting so I started using this Grow Light overnight and my basil plant has drastically changed this past week. It's doubled in size and looks healthy. It doesn't come with instructions so you will have to resort back to the product page but it's easy to use. I see this also being helpful for indoor plants or maintaining plants during the winter months. Fabric Grow Bag Hand Pruner Grow Light Garden Hose Diaper Changing Station Description 1/2/3/5/7/10/15/20/25/30 Gallon Sharp and Lightweight 3/6/12H Timer 50FT Expandable Water Hose Portable Changing Table