1. Goddard's Silver Polish Foam 18oz

Goddard's Silver Polish Foam 18oz

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Keep your silver antiques, decorations, and home fixtures brilliantly clean and shiny with Goddards 18 oz. Silver Polish Foam. Ideal for silver fixtures that cant be soaked in water, the one-step polish glides smoothly on items surfaces to remove tarnish easily. The rich foam cares as it cleans, preserving your delicate silvers sleek faade and maintaining its classic beauty.Fast and efficient, its application requires no hard rubbing or buffing. The powerful foam also protects pieces after polishing, leaving a long lasting tarnish-resistant barrier that shields silver from future decay. Get ready to beat your silver equipments corrosion, rust, discoloration, deterioration, and time-accumulated stains with this reliable cleaning and preserving agent. A sponge applicator is included with the polish foam. To effectively use the tarnish-cleanser, you need to moisten the applicator with lukewarm water first. Then, for optimal usage, work the foam into a thick, cleansing lather and apply on the silver article. Wash the silver piece thoroughly under running water. Finally, use an absorbent cloth to dry the object. You will immediately notice a change in the items aesthetic its dull polish would be restored into a bright gloss that looks as good as new. Made in the USA, this container of silver polish is Kosher certified. Clean silver effectively while also restoring its beautiful gleam with Goddards 18 oz. Foam Silver Polish.