1. HOME-X Hand Crank Paper Document Shredder, Office and Teaching Supplies

HOME-X Hand Crank Paper Document Shredder, Office and Teaching Supplies

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This hand-operated paper shredder is a great tool for shredding paper at home, at work, or in the classroom. It?s made with durable plastic and is attached to a transparent dust box to help reduce messes. Cut and shred paper documents with ease. You don?t even need to plug it in! Simply crank it with your hand to shred any paper in seconds. This shredder is an essential tool to keep information secure before you throw your documents in the garbage or recycling bin. It?s important to keep your records private, and disposal of unshredded paperwork can lead to a security breach. If you want to keep your information top-secret, this shredder is a great place to start! Instructors love this shredder in their classrooms, especially for crafting and other activities where paper is used. It can function as a confetti maker and makes long paper strips perfect for crafting. Because it?s entirely manual, it?s safer for kids so that no accidents happen with their little fingers. It is also fun for young students to use! Purchase this manual paper shredder for your classroom today. Whether you?re cutting thin printer paper or thicker cardstock, this is one of the best portable shredders around. It can handle paper of any thickness. Because of its small size, you may need to fold the paper in half to fit it into the opening, but the machine will still be able to shred it in no time. This mini personal shredder is also a great little machine to keep at your desk, whether you work in an office or from home. Any document can be shredded with ease, and you won?t even have to get up from your desk! It?s also great if you are regularly changing office spaces because you won?t have a heavy electronic shredder to carry around. Its basic yet durable design is perfect for any occupation that requires paperwork. Try one today!