1. Hairy Vetch Legume Seed by Eretz - Willamette Valley, Oregon Grown (5lb)

Hairy Vetch Legume Seed by Eretz - Willamette Valley, Oregon Grown (5lb)

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Eretz Hairy Vetch Seed Quality Grown, Harvested, & Packaged Eretz Hairy Vetch Seed is harvested, packaged, and delivered to you in accordance with the highest of standards. From seed to sprout to a sustainable crop, we've got you covered. Honey Bee Attractant Add color and attract honey bees, assisting in the ongoing health and success of your crops. Excellent Nitrogen Affixant Legume seed such as Eretz Red Clover contains a symbiotic bacteria called rhizobia within the nodules which converts nitrogen gas from the atmosphere into ammonia. This ability to fix gaseous nitrogen reduces their requirement for nitrogen fertilizer, making them a valuable agricultural crop. Willamette Valley, OR Grown From the legendary Willamette Valley, Oregon, to your doorstep! High Quality Seed Honey Bee Attractant Nitrogen Affixant Willamette Valley Grown Great Cover or Forage Crop Excellent cover crop or forage crop for cows, horses, or wildlife Eretz Hairy Vetch Seed Vicia Villosa Grown in Willamette Valley, Oregon USA, Eretz Hairy Vetch seed retains a reputation around the world for its quality and authenticity. Sold in a variety of sizes to match your need! Honey bee attractant. Great nitrogen affixent Excellent cover crop and good for erosion control. Adds color to pastures, meadows, etc. Over 99% pure seed; free of weed and other crop seed! Grown, packaged in, and distributed from Oregon, USA! Multiple quantities/sizes available, from 8oz to 50lbs Planting Instructions For best results, till ground before sowing, then firm soil & level. Spread seeds evenly. Rake or till gently into soil. Keep soil moist until established. Coverage: 1-3lbs per 1,000 sq. ft Our Commitment to Your Satisfaction Eretz stands behind its products 100%. That's why we offer a manufacturer's satisfaction commitment on all our products. Simply reach out to us with any concerns you may be having, and we'll make it right.