1. Handcrafted Macrame Plant Hanger - 6-Pack Hanging Planters Indoor Outdoor Home Décor - Hanging Plant Holder - Decorative Bohemian Plant Hangers - for Real, Fake Hanging Plants (Cream)

Handcrafted Macrame Plant Hanger - 6-Pack Hanging Planters Indoor Outdoor Home Décor - Hanging Plant Holder - Decorative Bohemian Plant Hangers - for Real, Fake Hanging Plants (Cream)

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Create Your Own Cosy Plant Corner Our mission is to bring warmth to your cozy nook corner where you can retreat at the end of a long day. We believe that through our specially curated home accessories, everyone will be able to transform and brighten their home into a unique space of their own. Loved by customers worldwide (read our reviews) Trusted home decor and lifestyle brand Designed for modern home owners Mindfully Curated Intricate Designs 6 Unique Yet Complementing Designs At Nook Theory, we understand the importance of home accessories to enhance the beauty of your home. We have specially curated 6 unique and intricate designs which complement each other in our 6-Pack Macrame Plant Hangers collection. They each come with varying lengths to create an interesting visual contrast in your ceiling space of plant babies. 6 unique designs with varying lengths Includes 6 ceiling hooks Includes 6 S hooks Specially chosen string types for versatility and durability Includes Single and Duo hangers 6 Unique Designs in a Pack. Sturdy and High Quality String Type for Durability Our macrame plant hangers are handcrafted, odor-free and made of the highest quality strings. We take pride in sourcing for the highest quality material to create each of the hangers. The natural materials come in an assortment of cream tones. Whether your plant is in a ceramic or plastic pot, as long as it’s 8” in diameter or less, our plant hangers are sturdy and will be able to hold them stably. They are perfect for live or even artificial hanging plants and there's even a name for each of them: 1. Round (39") 2. Mini (32") 3. Twirl (41") 4. Waves (40") 5. Double (48") 6. Hugger (39") Easy Installation with 6 Ceiling Hooks and 6 S Hooks Our plant hangers set comes ready packed with 6 ceiling hooks and 6 S hooks so you can start using them immediately. Installation is fuss free, simply spread open the ropes and place your pot in the middle, hang it afterward at your preferred spot indoors or outdoors using the hooks. More Reasons to Choose Nook Theory Macrame Plant Hangers Interesting Visual Contrast to Beautify Your Home Bring a modern boho charm to your home with our macrame plant holder. These plant hangers are excellent for sprucing up the bedroom, living room, balcony, office, front porch, hallway, and even the garden. Nook Tips: Save space and decorate your home or apartment without crowding the room by maximising your use of vertical space with our cotton rope hanging plant holder. Great with a Variety of Plants The plant hanger set works great with many different plants, pot sizes and types, rooms, and settings. The double hanger lets you hang 2 of your favourite plants in one space. Nook Tips: Hanging plants that are easy to care for includes succulent, staghorn and especially string of pearls for those trailing plant goals. Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor Our plant hangers are handcrafted by skilled artisans and made with quality strings that are versatile for use for both indoors and outdoors. Nook Tips: Check the sun and light requirement of your plants i.e. low, medium, high, direct or indirect sun before deciding where to place the plant and their hangers. Great for Gifting Our macrame plant hangers come with beautiful packaging that are great for gifting for your family and loved ones. Each box comes ready packed with ceiling hooks and S hooks so they don't have to worry about the tools but only focus on how to beautify their homes. Nook Tips: Surprise your loved ones by selecting the 'gift' option on amazon to include a personalised message.