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How Protected is Your Cell Phone?

Posted by Sam Weiss on 1/18/2014
No matter how careful you are with your cell phone, accidents happen. As today's world has integrated mobility and telecommunications on a grand scale, being without your phone could hurt your efficiency in the workplace. Protecting your phone with a case is important; think of it as an insurance plan to prolong the life of your device.

Due to the popularity of protective covers, there are many that can fit just about any kind of personality of the phone's owner. From flexible gel-skinned covers to hard plastic cases, specific colors, textured patterns and more can be found for a wide range of devices. Moreover, there are even cases that are made using real natural components such as leather and wood. Some phone cases are also waterproof, which provides added protection in case of spills. By spending a few dollars now, you don't have to worry about coming up with the hundreds of dollars it could cost to replace a damaged unit.

Most cell phone cases are easy to install. They could either snap onto the unit with a click, or have a two-piece structure that can wrap completely around the phone and lock into place. Many people like the two-piece configuration since it encases the phone in a protective shell with the exception of the display screen. If the cell phone with a two-piece plastic case falls, the cover itself will take the brunt of the impact, thus preventing major damage. 

Protecting your cell phone frame from impact damage is only one part of keeping your unit safe. Screen protectors can also offer an added layer of protection for the display. If you keep your phone in your pocket throughout the day, various items could rub against the screen causing scratches and scrapes. Additionally, screen protectors also prevent UV damage, reduce light glare and can also offer a layer of privacy. If the protector becomes too damaged, you can simply peel it off and place a new one over the display. 

In today's age, having a cellphone on-hand is both useful and convenient, and keeping your cell phone safe and secure can extend its lifespan. A few dollars spent now could save you a lot of money in the long run.    

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