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How Tech Gloves and Styluses Improve Efficiency

Posted by Sam Weiss on 3/21/2014
Smartphones are an essential piece of equipment in the modern world. They give users the flexibility to organize their schedules, make a phone calls and shop online all from one device. While all of these features are great, there are accessories on the market that enhance smartphone usability even further.

When the weather cools off and gloves become a necessary part of your daily attire, it becomes impossible to use your favorite touch-screen tech gear. Instead of letting your fingers freeze to continue using your phone, purchase tech gloves. These gloves keep your hands and fingers nice and toasty while still allowing your touchscreens to detect your touch. Silver-coated nylon fibers in the tip of each finger make this possible. 

If tech gloves are not your style, another option is a stylus. Use these small pen-like devices to make your selections when your fingers are too cold to press the correct button. Stylus pens are compatible with many touchscreen devices, and they store easily. As an added bonus, these pens increase the usability of your phone at all times. Use a stylus to make detailed drawings in an art program or to write in some applications. There is no learning curve for using a stylus. It is as simple as writing with a pen.

Keep your smartphone functional at all times of the year by selecting appropriate accessories. Tech gloves fit both men and women perfectly thanks to the variety of sizes available, and stylus pens come in many widths to make each user's experience comfortable. Choose the accessory that works best for you, or purchase both to ensure you always have what you need.

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