1. Jute/Burlap Indoor Planters - Stylish Fabric Plant Containers for Indoor Plants/Urban Gardening - Create A Home Garden/Herb Garden on Kitchen Countertop or Windowsill - 5 Fabric Plant Holders (7 inch)

Jute/Burlap Indoor Planters - Stylish Fabric Plant Containers for Indoor Plants/Urban Gardening - Create A Home Garden/Herb Garden on Kitchen Countertop or Windowsill - 5 Fabric Plant Holders (7 inch)

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Many of us like to know more about the businesses we are buying from ESPECIALLY when shopping online - who they are, why they offer a particular product and their underlying principles. Do they actually own the products they are promoting? The answer for us is YES! We like to 'test' all of the products in our range in our own homes before we offer them to you. We want to know for ourselves: Are they easy to use & assemble (if required)? Are they good-quality and will they stand up to the rigours of normal daily use in a real home? Are they going to make our lives easier (better)? Most importantly, are they something we would buy for our own home - yes, we like practical but we also like beautiful things too! To us, a home is not just a place - it is a feeling! We then work with our manufacturers in India or Asia to produce the item. Yes, we do ask about their production practices and say NO to sweatshops and producers who aren't focused on improving their production practices in terms of sustainability. So, when you buy a Seddonista product you are bringing a little piece of our home into yours. The Perfect Gift - For All Occasions and So Many Different Groups of People. An Attractive and Sustainable Gift that People Will Love Chefs/Home Cooks - We All Know Fresh is Best Nothing makes your home cooking tasting than FRESH HERBS & SPICES. Simply, pick the one you need from your range of 'live' plants. Bottled herbs are convenient, but fresh herbs are BETTER. A perfect present for anyone who is a chef or a home cook. Anyone with a Green Thumb or Who Loves Indoor Plants Anyone who loves gardening and usually loves bringing the greenery inside. Studies have shown they can: Add instant COLOR & LIFE to any sterile space & also reduce noise levels.Boost your MOOD, CONCENTRATION and CREATIVITY.Help to reduce STRESS, FATIGUE, SORE THROATS & COLDS. Help clean indoor air by filter the air you breathe. They can absorb TOXINS, increasing humidity & producing OXYGEN. A perfect present for anyone who loves to garden, particularly those who are living in apartments and don't have a traditional garden. Kids or Parents with Young Children - Growing their own food is a fun and educational activity for the whole family If you want to gently introduce your kids to the joys of growing their own food and give them a subtle introduction to the benefits of eating more fresh food - you don't need a lot of space or gardening tools. Simply add your plant pot to our planters and place them on a countertop/windowsill or wherever you have space. Imagine their joy when they see their plants GROW, BLOSSOM or FRUIT and they get to taste what they grew. A perfect present for anyone who wants another fun but educational activity to share with their kids. Apartment Dwellers or those Who Are Downsizing or Don't Have Gardens You don't need to have a large GARDEN to grow your own cherry tomato's or lettuce or fresh herbs and spices to add to your cooking. Our Jute Planters make it easy and attractive to use SMALLER SPACES to grow your own. Use as a complete set of 5 or spread them through a space to add natural colour with indoor house plants. A perfect present for anyone living in a small space or without access to a garden. Great for those who like to garden but have limited mobility. Grow Anything You Love Indoors - Vegetable, Tomato, Lettuce or Flowers or a Succulent Garden What tastes better than a fresh strawberry? Simply pop your strawberry pot into the Jute Planter. Ensure it gets some natural light and water when needed! Very soon you should be enjoying your own homegrown fresh strawberries. Perfect for Growing Indoors Add natural color to wherever you put it. Grow Herbs, Spices, or Build Your Vegetable or Salad Garden There are so many plants that you can grow indoors - you don't need a huge outdoor area. Whatever you want to grow and whatever the space you have, our Jute Planters make it easy and stylish to do. Planters for Herbs & Spices Planters for Flowers Planters for Small Palms & Ferns Planters for Lettuce, Tomato's Planters for Succulents Bring texture into Your Home. A Planter that is both beautiful in its own right, but won't clash or compete with the beautiful plant inside of it. What herb is that? Personalize the planters with the bonus Herb Tags that are included. Use them all on a ledge or windowsill and personalize with 8 included tags (badges) featuring the most commonly grown herbs and spices. The included tags/badges attach easily to the plant holders via velcro patches. Or, simply place them (without the tag) to wherever you want to add greenery in your home. Neutral by Nature - Indoor Plant Containers Suits Any Decor or Design Type or Space No matter your home's interior design and decoration style jute will complement them all. Easy and quick to use - simply place your pot plant into the jute planter. When watering - any excess moisture will be collected in the plastic lining.* *Don't overwater