1. KAL Magnesium Glycinate 400 ActivMix Powder | 9.1oz

KAL Magnesium Glycinate 400 ActivMix Powder | 9.1oz

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?I love the taste! The lemon flavor tastes like candy. Just mix it with cool water and you have yourself a tasty drink...Overall excellent product. Glad I tried it.?Formulated to help support calmness and restful relaxation, KAL Magnesium Glycinate 400 ActivMix has become a favorite magnesium for people from all walks of life. Magnesium is involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body and helps support normal, healthy muscle function.Nothing is quite as unnerving as not knowing where your supplements come from or how they were made. KAL controls its supplement creation process from start to finish. Our meticulous process produces Magnesium of the highest quality & natural lemon and lime flavors make it delicious to take! KAL Magnesium Glycinate 400 ActivMix provides 400 mg of Magnesium per serving.The KAL brand has been making the right supplements with the right ingredients - nothing more, nothing less - for more than 85 years. Since 1932, we?ve searched the world for the highest-quality nutrients to help support our customers? health and wellness. Using leading nutritional research as our constant guide, our evidence-based approach creates loyal customers who find what they need from a brand they trust to offer the very best.Trust KAL to deliver the magnesium you?ve been looking for - get KAL Magnesium Glycinate 400 ActivMix today!