1. KaKUrI Bonsai Wire Cutter 8" (205 mm) Heavy Duty Professional Bonsai Tool, Japanese Carbon Steel, Black, Made in Japan (47845)

KaKUrI Bonsai Wire Cutter 8" (205 mm) Heavy Duty Professional Bonsai Tool, Japanese Carbon Steel, Black, Made in Japan (47845)

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KAKURI Bonsai Tool Series KAKURI Corporation was founded in 1946 in Sanjo City. Sanjo City is the leading production area of cutlery in Japan. We manufacture the products with superior quality and functions, such as gardening tool, saws, chisels, professional carpenter tools. Taking advantage of more than 70 years of experience and results from our founding in 1946, we design hand-made products individually. From a professional standpoint, we select and sell only high-quality products. In the field of bonsai supplies, we are particular about the highest quality Japanese steel tool used by professional bonsai artists. We manufacture bonsai tools that can be used for a lifetime with craftsmen and blacksmiths from Japan. Please feel and enjoy the authentic Japanese products of the KAKURI brand. Feel authentic Japanese bonsai tool Bonsai, one of the traditional gardening cultures of Japan, has been refined with its evolution. Genuine bonsai supplies made from only Japanese materials, which are also used by professional bonsai artists, will make your bonsai time more enjoyable. MADE IN JAPAN BY JAPANESE CRAFTSMEN All KaKurI products are manufactured in Japan by Japanese master craftsmen. While many other makers in Japan have shifted to creating products outside of Japan, we continues to plan, create trial products, and carry out product tests in our factory and are able to incorporate the fresh and new opinions of craftsmen. This allows us to ensure our high quality in our products. KAKURI BONSAI TOOLS FEATURES Made in Japan. Japanese Quality. Handmade by Japanese Professional Craftsmen Only Japanese Material Best for Professional Use Heavy Duty Bonsai Wire Cutter Made in JapanExcellent sharpness of Japanese carbon steelCut both aluminum wire and copper wire with light forceReliably cuts even thick wiresSince the sharp blade securely bites the wire without applying force, you will not damage the bonsai's trunk and branches during work. KAKURI Bonsai Wire Cutter Scissors KAKURI Bonsai Wire Cutter KAKURI Bonsai Wire & Jin Pliers Made in JAPAN JAPAN JAPAN Material Japanese carbon steel Japanese carbon steel Japanese carbon steel Length 6.3"/ 160 mm 8.0" / 205 mm 7.2" / 185 mm Blade Length 0.47" / 12 mm 0.47" / 12 mm - Leather Blade Sheath ? ? ?