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Key Replacement Parts for Your Cellphone

Posted by Sam Weiss on 4/11/2014
As smartphones and cellphones continue to escalate in price, as do repairs for each, more consumers are looking into repairing their own devices. In addition to a number of cellphone repair kits, manufacturers and retailers offer cellphone replacement parts individually. The following are among the key replacement parts for most cellphones:

A common problem with cellphones occurs when the screens crack or are otherwise damaged. Buy a replacement screen for yours, and attach it with specialty glue or according to the directions that come with the part. 

Cellphones that operate with buttons also occasionally require repair when buttons become jammed. Purchase replacement buttons, many of which come with an opening tool to help you pry the damaged button free from your phone. 

Many cellphone headphone jacks grow loose over time. When this occurs, the connection between the headphones and device becomes weak. To remedy the problem, purchase a new jack, and install it according to directions. 

Those who own an iPhone are likely to have heard about problems with the device's home button. Since the iPhone is relatively useless without a functioning home button, many do-it-yourself individuals purchase new home buttons that come with a flex cable. Replacing it is far simpler than most would imagine.

If you are a relatively tech-savvy, mechanically inclined person who is comfortable taking on repairs yourself, you are likely to save money by repairing your own cellphone when various parts break. Most replacement parts are relatively inexpensive. They are certainly cheaper than the cost of labor and replacement parts at repair shops.

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