1. L.A. NOVA 48ft LED Outdoor String Lights with 15 ST14 Bulbs Indoor Outdoor Lights for Patio Garden Backyard Pool, 16.4ft Extension String and 2 pcs Filament

L.A. NOVA 48ft LED Outdoor String Lights with 15 ST14 Bulbs Indoor Outdoor Lights for Patio Garden Backyard Pool, 16.4ft Extension String and 2 pcs Filament

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How we got our start? Once we traveled to a quiet and small town by the sea near Adelaide, where we felt the lights harmonized with the small town life and calming environment. We designed our lighting products with this cosy and delightful atmosphere in mind, relying on modern technology to make our vision a reality. What makes our product unique? To maximize the benefits of our products, most of our lights are flexible to fit in a vast range of use. Replaceable filaments and bulbs, connectable string lights, Solar power and E-power change and so on. We hope you can generate unique & valuable memories through designing your space by our lights. L.A. NOVA 48ft LED Outdoor String Lights Indoor ST14 with 15 Bulbs Connectable Lights for Patio Garden Backyard IP44 Weatherproof S14 Backyard Patio Lights Maximum Compatible Power: 12w Connectable: 10 strings together Withstand extreme temperatures: (-20 to 50 degrees) GREAT HELPER FOR PERFECT ATMOSPHERE: Commercial use like Market, Café, Restaurant. Personnel use like Weddings, Gatherings, Parties, Patios, Decks, Tents, Pergola, Bistro, Backyards, Pool umbrella, Gazebo, Porch, Garden, Tents, Barbecue, City Rooftops and more Specifications Wire Length: 48FT Cable Color: Black Bulb Material: Plastic Bulb Count: 15PCS Bulb Diameter: 45mm Wattage: 0.6W/bulb Voltage: 29V-30V each bulb IP Rating: IP44 Waterproof Enjoy this completed package to make your lighting more convenient! Remote Controlled & Timer Function More choice and more beautiful with 4 different Lighting functions. Lights will get 6 hours on and 18 hours off mode when press the button. Replaceable filaments When the bulb is no longer on, you can replace the wick without replacing the entire bulb, which will save you a fortune and is also an Eco- friendly approach. Extension Cable Waterproof Extension Cable to extend the Length from plug to 1st bulb on our string lights. Long enough length to extend the application range of the garden string light. FOR PARTY LIGHTS Turn your garden or backyard into a summer party venue with these bright fairy string lights. These lights with vibrant atmospheres, so the outdoor string lights great for weddings, birthday parties, Christmas parties and other gatherings. PERFECT DECORATION LIGHTS String up the solar string lights to give that bistro/café style ambiance. you can invite friends or relatives to sit in the yard, chat or drink under the warm and romantic lights, all the people will Immersed in relaxed vibe. ADD CHARM TO YOUR GARDEN The string lights hang up above the outdoor table or lounging area. They steer the space into a direction of elegance and charm, it will make your garden from a normal garden that is similar to countless others, to a unique and alluring space that has your own personal touch WIDE APPLICATED The string lights can fully illuminate the corner you want to illuminate, create a good environment and change the mood. LED Patio String Lights is a great way to provide a large amount of ambient lighting for your party, wedding, patio, lawn, home, Christmas, camp!