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MYBAT White Wireless Charger

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MYBAT White Wireless Charger
Part Number: SNS-125-SAMS6CHAGWIR03WWP
Availability: NEW
Feature: 152
SPECIFICATIONS Input: DC 5V/1500mA Output: DC 5V/1000mA Charging distance: 2-5mm Dimension: 100x86x12.5mm INTRODUCTIONS Complies with WPC wireless charging standards and allows you to enjoy reliable and convenient charging for a large range of compatible devices. No need for a cable. Simple place your phone on the wireless charger pad. Features beautiful, compact and sophisticated design, easy to carry. HOW TO USE To charge your device, connect the Micro USB connector of Micro USB cable to the wireless charging pad, and plug the other USB connector into the AC adapter or computer. When connected successfully, red LED will light up. Place your phone on the wireless charging pad to start charging. During charging, blue LED is on. NOTE: This wireless charger works with MYBAT and ASMYNA phone cases, including MyJacket wallet cases. However, it may damage magnetic strips or RFID chips found in some credit cards, security badges, etc. To ensure optimal wireless charging, do not place anything in between the phone and wireless charger while charging. Read more: What iPhone X Cases are Compatible with Wireless Charging

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