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Making Your iPad More Efficient and Convenient

Posted by Sam Weiss on 2/8/2014
The iPad is already more convenient in that it is far more portable than a laptop or other computing device, but you can make it even easier to handle with the right accessories.  Consider how you use your tablet and think about what may make it even easier to use and this will help you when it comes to choosing the right accessories.  For example, using your tablet for business or school may mean that you can benefit from more accessories than if you simply use your tablet for pleasure and fun.
Consider a Durable iPad Case
The iPad is something that you do not want to get broken because these are very expensive and you probably have a lot of personal data stored on it.  A durable case can help you to keep your tablet in great shape and prevent things like cracks and scratches.  There are many different cases to choose from and you can find one that will easily accommodate you.  There are some that look like books and others that look more like sleeves or carrying cases with handles.  Consider how you use and transport your tablet to find the best case for you.
Think About a Separate Keyboard
The iPad can be a bit difficult to type on, especially when you have a lot of typing to do so a separate keyboard can be very convenient.  These are usually small and can be put right into your carrying case with the iPad so that you can carry it with you.  You may find one that is wireless or one that just plugs into a port on your tablet.  These often look like a mini version of a Mac keyboard so they are similar in layout and use, so if you regularly use a Mac, it will be easy to start using the iPad keyboard. 

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